Mississippi Concealed Weapon Training (Statewide)

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Helpful Videos for Novices, Beginners, etc.

When people sign up for class to obtain their enhanced concealed carry permit, some are very experienced, some have little experience with handguns and others may be somewhere in the middle. Even though we harp on safety over and over, sometimes it seems it goes into one ear and out the other. Some people are just nervous and their lack of exposure to handgun shooting shows up on the range.

What we need to do is correct most of that BEFORE we get to the range. For that reason, I am asking all my potential future students to assess yourselves and be honest about your level of expertise. If you fall into this category, I would like you to view each of the five videos below BEFORE you attend class. I would also like you to e-mail me or call me well in advance so you can discuss with me what you "took away" from the message in the video. If you didn't get it, I will try to help you on the phone or internet.

When you arrive at class and introduce yourself, you will be expected to tell us your prior exposure to the use of a handgun. If that exposure is lacking, it will show up on the range. It's okay if you have NO experience. All I am asking is that you view and understand these videos before you come to class because they are very well done by a well-known national instructor and seem to coincide with the problems I have seen in my classes over the last few months.

People ask me how long our classes are. I always tell them that the material is designed for four hours in the classroom in the morning beginning at 8 a.m. and four hours shooting in the afternoon beginning at 1 p.m.  However, if a lot of questions are asked in the morning or there area a lot of discussions, it could go past 12. We sometimes try to eat lunch together and continue the discussions. When we get to the range, we often have a lot of misfires and/or jams that can sometimes take up a lot of time for everybody and take the class past 5 p.m. but we will finish as soon as possible consistent with disruptions.

Practing with and knowing your weapon as well as the issues in the videos below will make for safer and more timely classes. If you are a novice, I will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of safety and weapon clearing as a minimum before you go to the line to shoot.

With that said, we welcome you regardless of your level of expertise, even if you have never fired a pistol before.


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Required Viewing for novice shooters VIDEO #1 SAFETY

Required Viewing for novice shooters VIDEO #2 PISTOL SKILLS

Required Viewing for novice shooters VIDEO #3 PRESENTATION

Required Viewing for novice shooters VIDEO #4 CLEARING MALFUNCTIONS

Required Viewing for novice shooters VIDEO #5 CLEANING SEMI-AUTOS

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