Mississippi Concealed Weapon Training (Statewide)

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Book regular cost is $20

Badge regular cost is $40

"Buy BOTH for $50"

A "tell-all" book on how the MS gun laws came about, the history of gun laws, NEWEST Attorney General opinions, and many other important aspects of Concealed and Open Carry. The book, " Realistic & Practical Firearms Training 2017 " is a very informative top seller by outstanding author and gun rights activist Rick Ward. It includes the MS Gun Laws that refer to Cocealed Carry such as the Basic Firearms Permit Law(s), Enhanced Endorsement Carry Law(s), Justifiable Homicide Law(s), etc.

This badge is sold as a novelty item only. By definition, a badge is an “identifier” and sets you apart from other groups. In this case your group is Enhanced MS Firearms Permit holder. Most people purchase these badges for the sole purpose of wearing alongside their gun because the general population pays little attention to a person wearing a badge next to their gun. There is no law in the state of Mississippi that prohibits wearing a badge. They are worn by Police Officers, Firemen, Emergency Medical Technicians, Private Investigators, Bail Bondsmen, Dog Catchers and many others. If you abuse it, you will lose it. We are in no way responsible for your actions while possessing this badge and caution you to never represent yourself as a Police Officer, which is a crime. You are accepting this badge with the promise to conduct yourself accordingly while wearing it and to hold seller harmless from any claims that may arise as a result of your badge. These badges are not Law Enforcement or Police badges. Only Law Enforcement Officers are authorized to wear those badges that say “Police” or “Law Enforcement” on them. The wearer of this badge has no authority to exercise Police powers of any kind. If someone sees you wearing this badge and asks if you are a Police or any Law Enforcement Officer, your loud and immediate response should be, “ NO ”.

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