Mississippi Concealed Weapon Training (Statewide)

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Welcome to our website. We provide Enhanced Concealed Carry classes throughout Mississippi. When selecting an instructor, remember, an expert shooter is not necessarily an expert instructor. Over half the training you need for Enhanced Carry is related to Mississippi laws. Not knowing the law can cost you your freedom, your permit, your gun, and your money. Instructors without extensive Law or Law Enforcement backgrounds usually know very little about the law.

Our Enhanced Concealed Carry Course provides students with the fundamentals of safe handling of a firearm as well as an accurate thorough introduction to the Basic AND Enhanced MS Concealed Carry laws. The Course goal is to provide students of ANY experience level the skills and knowledge to safely conceal carry a firearm for protection and defense against a deadly threat.

Please feel free to leave comments and/or contact info for any questions you may have that aren't answered by the information here on the site.